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on the things I don’t want to admit

I've spent much of the past 12 hours trying to sleep/sleeping fitfully/having bad dreams or crying/holding back tears. The remainder has consisted of trying to pretend I'm strong when I'm falling apart inside; attempting to convince myself that my life hasn't been a complete waste of effort; and arguing with airline employees that I deserve… Continue reading on the things I don’t want to admit

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on a much-needed break from the city

Most trips back to Chicago I find stifling, even suffocating. This city is no longer mine; this fact has been evident for some time now. But next month marks four years since I've left it, offering at least some perspective if not nostalgia to creep up into my mind among all of the distaste. Perhaps… Continue reading on a much-needed break from the city

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on blizzards, past and present

My earliest memories of heavy snowstorms involve the first love of my life, my father, coming home with icicles on his beard after working out in the cold for I-don't-know-how-many-days to sit half in-, half outside the oven, which my mother had preheated for him after receiving a phone call that he was finally on… Continue reading on blizzards, past and present