About Me

I write stories, both real & imagined. A man I loved deeply died. I am a mother, a sometimes-vegan, a quasi-beatnik, perpetually single, and a supporter of The Church of 80% Sincerity.

I adore proper comma use, the subjunctive mood, miniature versions of normal-sized things, intelligent banter, parenthetical statements, my children, David Mamet, the writing process, vegan sweet-and-sour pork, temporary hair dye, stiletto heels, Oxford commas, and supportive undergarments.

I can do without insects, mean girls, overimportant hypercorrection, party-planning, grading papers, intractable people, Texas summers, arguments, too-tight jeans, cold rain without an umbrella, white carpeting, ignorance, intolerance, and bare walls in otherwise beautiful homes.

You can usually find me in NYC.

It’s a big place. Keep looking.

When all else fails, I tweet.

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