30 days of poems: day sixteen

This is a disturbing poem (a bit), but it’s the last two lines that made me choose it. I’ve thought about what love means to me and how I define it; others barely give it a thought. No one way is right or wrong, though at times (as in the poem below) some ways certainly are foolish (at best).

Domestic Situation

By Ernest Hilbert

Maybe you’ve heard about this. Maybe not.
A man came home and chucked his girlfriend’s cat
In the wood chipper. This really happened.
Dinner wasn’t ready on time. A lot
Of other little things went wrong. He spat
On her father, who came out when he learned
About it. He also broke her pinky,
Stole her checks, and got her sister pregnant.
But she stood by him, stood strong, through it all,
Because she loved him. She loved him, you see.
She actually said that, and then she went
And married him. She felt some unique call.
Don’t try to understand what another
Person means by love. Don’t even bother.