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on good will hunting, robin williams, and loss & love

I’ve always loved Good Will Hunting, since it came out, for a multitude of reasons: an identification with the genius misunderstood kid from a blue-collar home who felt no other choice but to hide his talents (albeit in a much more clandestine way then I even had to; I needed only to minimize things in school and hide things from my parents); the difficulty in escaping from that sort of life; the instinct to push even well-meaning people away when all they wanted to do was help; the list goes on. But it wasn’t truly until I got sober and because to heal the trauma of my past (and, then, work through the complicated grief following Jack’s death) that I understood how (and why) the movie’s message kept intensifying in both message and meaning as my life itself grew both more meaningful and more intense. The series of clips below may give a clue as to why. I don’t believe they need much explanation. (The last few are more relevant to how I’m feeling as of late, though only slightly related to my current circumstances.)