(a)my3six5: 04.06.14

Washington Square Park, April 5, 2014
Washington Square Park, April 5, 2014

I’ve been such a failure lately at this project. I promise to be better in the future. And I suppose I’ll have to continue it a few days past a calendar year to get it to a full 365 days. And so it goes.

I’ve been getting into the swing of things in my non-online life, though if you’d look at today you wouldn’t know it. I’ve spent all day in bed, albeit some of it working on my book, but most of it just lazing about and avoiding the world. Probably some of it is a new medication I’m on; my doctor switched one medication out for another that he thinks will work better on my anxiety. “Give it time to adjust,” he suggested. This is such standard advice for almost everything in my life that I barely listened. Meanwhile, I’m listless and groggy and have a low-grade migraine and postponed a date for later this week.

But I also bought my son’s plane ticket for his spring break visit to New York, which is now a mere one week away. This time next week, he’ll be here with me in my room, sleeping on an air mattress at night, during the day at a spring break drama camp then at my office and then exploring the city with me. It will be the first time he’s here with me by himself; the last time he was in the city it was with his older brother, and that was 18 months ago. And it will be his first airplane right by himself. A lot of firsts…and I hope they all go well.

The last time the boys were in town, there was a day William fell ill and I took Basil to Washington Square Park, where we watched street performers and bought street food and enjoyed the sunny weather. I was reminded of this when I walked through the park yesterday, after I saw a French film at the IFC Center and was heading to the gym. It was a beautiful day. I hope there are equally beautiful days when he’s in town. I know he’d love a return trip to the park himself.