(a)my3six5: 03.27.14

Yes, I need a manicure. Deal with it.
Yes, I need a manicure. Deal with it.

I’ve got a 6:15am flight and I should be sleeping right now but—damnit!—I’m going to get my 365 words in today even if it risks missing my flight. Truth is, I should’ve been in bed hours ago but I had a freelance project I’ve been putting off that’s due tomorrow and, well, that’s how it goes. So I have to leave my apartment at 4am, which means getting up at 3:30am. Which means I’ll get a nap, at best. Because, you know, I still have to pack.

But something I’m excited about that is really silly and not at all meaningful is that I finally got my New York State drivers license late last week. I haven’t had a valid license since I turned 40, since that’s when my Illinois license expired. New York allows you to exchange your out-of-state license for a New York one up to a year after your old one expires, so when I got my first (or maybe my second?) paycheck, I moseyed on down to the DMV and did just that. Until now, I hadn’t really had the money (or at least been able to justify spending it) to get that task checked off of my to-do list.

So now I’m a licensed, legal driver (again). Nevermind that I’ve been behind the wheel of a car exactly once since I moved to New York. Wait, no, take that back. I was van-sitting for a week last year (before my license expired!) , so that involved driving from and to Brooklyn (and also to and from Hackensack) as well as driving around Washington Heights looking for a parking spot. But that was all within the course of a week. And then there was maybe five miles of driving I did in Chicago. I’d say that since I sold my ghetto van (summer 2011?) I’ve driven a total of 150 miles, maybe 200. So why I want a license is beyond me.

Except: Zipcar. Because the minute I got my license in the mail? I totally signed up for Zipcar with a deal I had saved in my “in” box. Why? There’s only one reason, of course. Because IKEA.