365 days in dreamland

One year ago today, I moved to New York City. I’m still there. Here. It’s been a little bit of heaven, a lot of hard work, more than a few disappointments, and a series of leaps of faith (most of which were proven worth taking).

I have a little more money in my bank account than I did a year ago, but not much. What’s changed is both everything and nothing I could ever accurately describe to someone who hasn’t done something similar. And I could write all about the things I’ve learned and the amazing experiences I’ve had and maybe even snark a little on the grittiness and filth of the city, but what I really want to say is “thank you” to everyone in my life who knew I could do this as well as everyone who made it possible and even a bit pleasurable along the way.

In the end, 365 is just an arbitrary number of days, one trip around the sun, a cycle of seasons that makes the past year neither special nor noteworthy. Except that in those 365 days I managed to claw and scramble my way into a life I had always wanted but thought was a decade or more into the future. And I’m still there. I’m still here. And I love it.