My first New York…

I’d known since I was five, when my parents forced me to live in California, that I was going to live in New York eventually, and that everything in between was just a horrible intermission. I’d spent those sixteen years imagining what New York was going to be like. I thought it was going to be the most exciting, magical, fraught-with-possibility place that you could ever live in; a place where if you really wanted something, you might be able to get it; a place where I’d be surrounded by people I was dying to be with. And I turned out to be right.

— Nora Ephron, from her contribution to the anthology from the editors of New York magazine, My First New York: Early Adventures in the Big City* (as remembered by actors, artists, athletes, chefs, comedians, filmmakers, mayors, models, moguls, porn stars, rockers, writers, and others).

* I highly recommend this book if you’re either new to NYC or wondering why you ever came in the first place (or both).