touching base: the writing gets in the way

My new job — yes, I have one — has been taking up time, so blogging has fallen a bit by the wayside. But writing has not. I’ve been:

  • penning flash nonfiction to send off as previously promised,
  • working on Elegy for an Alcoholic: A Semi-True Love Story (the working title for Jack’s story),
  • formatting an essay I wrote (No Direction Home, for those of you who have read it) for consideration as an ebook single, and
  • writing the introduction to an anthology of creative work by noncustodial mothers (which I’m also compiling and editing).
  • This is a lot, considering that I’m also working 9-5 and doing my best to keep up on meetings (Wednesday marks my five-year anniversary). Plus, I’ve been outlining a book (or perhaps another single ebook) about meningiomas, the kind of brain tumor I had but about which very little is written. (It’s a benign tumor, which somehow the medical presses have taken to mean no one worries about them.)

    In short: I’m busy. I haven’t forgotten about any of you, though. Quite the contrary. All of you are the reason I’m still writing at all today. And I’ll be in touch as soon and as much as I can, with whatever good (or bad) news comes my way — as per usual.