a different kind of wish list

Actually, this is exactly the kind of wish list you’d think of if you were thinking of wish lists. Except mine isn’t stuff I want in a fantasy world; it’s stuff I’ve been putting off getting until I got a job. And, well, starting Monday I’ll have a job. So I’ve been making lists of things (in no particular order, other than a place to live, which is moot without all the others).

  • A non-temporary place to live. Maybe a room to rent by the week, something basic so I can save up for a studio on the UWS or in Morningside Heights/Harlem. (I’ve decided after my brief stint in Brooklyn that the boroughs probably aren’t for me: too frustrating to get in and out on the weekends, at least in comparison to living on the UWS.)
  • A computer. Mine is so old I can’t even upgrade it to a version of IOS that is still made. It has seen me through a lot, but it overheats and runs slowly and every day I worry it’s going to die on me (please no!).
  • Presents for the boys that were promised to them in January 2012. (Kindle Fire for B and an iPod Touch for W.) They have waited a long time for these things, and they have been patient, considering. I know it’s hard for W to be a teenager with a first-generation iPod touch and an old phone. I can’t do much about the phone — he’s on his dad’s plan — but I can do what I can to keep my promises.
  • Stuff out of storage and into NYC. Uncle Eddie said he’d drive my stuff here for me, as long as I had help to unload at this end. I’m hoping I’ll have things in place by mid-October to make this happen. At the very least, I’ll put my things into storage in NYC. It might seem silly, but having all of my stuff in one city would be a relief.
  • Donations and/or repayments as previously promised. I want to make sure this doesn’t fall through the cracks. It’s important to me that it doesn’t.
  • A Film Forum membership. Minor, perhaps. But it will save me a lot of money over the course of a year, especially since (when I have money) I see films quite a bit.
  • New underwear and bras. Think about going a few years without getting new undergarments. It’s not the worst thing in the world, but it is a little demoralizing. I’m not a splurge-r on anything in life, including undergarments, but I will be getting NEW things in this category.
  • Rain boots, winter boots, and a winter coat. The ones I have are worn-out and worn down, given that they’ve seen years of Chicago falls and winters. Again, no splurging here — I’m still planning on shopping at thrift stores as much as possible — but it will be nice to have quality versions of these things.
  • A mini-vacation. I’m talking a weekend trip to a B&B in upstate NYC or something here. Maybe by myself, maybe with a friend, maybe with a beau. Who knows? I just want to do this within the next six months.

It’s not exciting, and it’s not even really anything spectacular. It’s just life, getting back on track, slowly. And I’m grateful that I get to be writing such a list, because I know that last week at this time I couldn’t imagine I’d even be able to do so right now.