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the last few hours before heading home to NYC

Funny how closure comes in the oddest of ways. My time visiting the courts is now over, my custody agreement having been ironed out over the past year and culminating in an anticlimactic court hearing this morning. Like many things, I’d feared it would be much more painful than it was.

Also: I was offered (and accepted) a job this morning. Uncle Eddie took me out to Wishbone to catch up (and celebrate), and I remembered how good their vegan menu is — it’s been a while.

The boys started school today and I’ll be calling them in a while to see how it all goes. It’s hard not to be there for such milestones but that’s also life sometimes.

In a few hours I’ll be on the train back to NYC and then I’ll be “home.” I’m staying with Dave again until I get settled with the new job and have more than two pennies to rub together, but his neighbor (literally, the apartment next door) has a room open in her place. If we can figure things out, I’ll be moving in there… a veritable Manhattan transplant instead of a Brooklyn stereotype (not that there’s anything wrong with that). In mulling things over lately I’ve been thinking I’d rather live on the UWS or in Harlem/Morningside Heights anyhow, so maybe the room opening up is a good thing.

All in all, I feel rather mellow. I’m tired (my sleep schedule is all out of whack from traveling and sleeping in someone else’s space) and think I need a day or two for all the news to settle in. So maybe not mellow as much as “pinch me ’cause I’m dreaming.” In any case, I’m cautiously optimistic about the changes afoot and terribly excited up start a new chapter in my new city.


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  1. I’m delighted for you. I send this in the spirit of something Ken Kesey of The Merry Pranksters used to say, “You’re either On The Bus, or you’re Off The Bus”.

    I’ve been rooting for you to be “On The Bus”. Sounds like you’ve got a seat. That’s a good thing. Next goal: bus driver. 🙂

    For reference to the saying, and to the Merry Pranksters, see these two links.

    (See )

    (See,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=5fa00607d942420f&biw=1280&bih=628 )



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