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three months later…

View of the Hudson via the Lake Shore Limited

The boys and I left NYC this afternoon, heading back to Chicago on the Lake Shore Limited (which runs between Chicago and NYC). I’ve done this trip before — in both directions — but it’s the first time for B to go on an Amtrak (other than RT from Chicago to Milwaukee). W and I took Amtrak to Philadelphia and then back from Boston two years ago, on a trip to celebrate his eighth-grade graduation.

I chose the train because it was the cheapest way to go. Kids ride for half-fare, so it’s about a third of the cost of flying. And W likes hanging out in the cafe car, where he can meet people and play cards and stretch his legs.

The picture above was taken about 20 minutes outside of Poughkeepsie, and I took a photo of the same bridge three months ago, when I was moving from Chicago to NYC. In some ways it feels like forever ago, in others like it’s been no more than a few moments.

When I return to NYC — via the Lake Shore Limited, again because it’s cheap — I’ll have a (probable? potential? somewhere in between?) teaching job waiting for me. It doesn’t pay a lot — about $100 a week — but it’s something. And maybe the job I’m SUPER excited about will pan out by then (I am hoping it will).

In Chicago I’ll be able to reconnect with friends and go to all my old meetings. I’ll be staying with two sober friends who never fail to be good to and for me. I’ll also be going to court for what I hope is the final hearing for a custody agreement with The Philosopher. There’s only one issue on the table, and I hope this means we will be able to get the case closed. Anything is possible, though.

In any case, this “working ‘vacation'” will do me good. I’m not looking forward to saying goodbye to the boys — I don’t know when I’ll have the money to see them again — but I do think having some time and a brief distance from NYC will allow me to charge my batteries.

Three months. What a journey so far. I hope I’m close to this difficult chapter of my life being over, but even it I’m not then at least I’ll have had a chance to take a little break from it all.