the things I’ve done today (or, lessons in humility)

Applied for food stamps, a new application taking into account the new “benefit” amount I’ll be getting.

Looked up job center locations, where I can apply for “temporary cash assistance.”

Called the number for the homelessness prevention program in NYC; left a message with requested information.

Located places I can take the boys for free breakfast and lunch until they go home to Chicago (free for all kids under 18 throughout NYC, no questions asked).

Contacted a dozen food pantries to figure out how to use their services.

Found out I was passed over for the most promising of three positions I interviewed for last week.

Used up another $20 of existing food stamp benefits; I now have $15 left on that card until September 10th.

Interviewed for a position I’d love and would do well at, setting up in-person interview for Monday.

Researched how to get interview clothes for free or cheap. (You need a referral.)

Spent $10 for bagels for lunch because it breaks my heart that the boys are getting almost nothing while they’re here.

Sent in applications for eight jobs.

Prayed and cried and prayed some more.

Networked on LinkedIn as much possible.

Researched homeless shelters: how they work, what to expect.

Sorted through what few clothes I have here to gather up things worth selling, which I’ll attempt over the weekend.

Returned some things I bought at Target two months ago because I needed the $18 more than I needed the things.

Rationed my medicine, since I won’t be able to afford taking daily pain meds for much longer.

Missed Jack more than I thought possible at this point, so much later.

Tried to smile more than I felt like smiling.

Stayed alive.


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      1. If you have a Paypal, I would love to send you some money, it would not be much… $25.00 but at least you can get some food. Leave it here or email me at strikegirl07@gmail.com. I know what you’re going through… not to the degree but I’m definitely feeling scared, too.


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