photoadaymay: “a favourite word”


From The Church of 80% Sincerity by David Roche.


Think it religious if you like, imbued by a god of your understanding. It’s not necessary, though. All grace is: undeserved blessings. All the things in your universe that have come to sit in your lap, once figments of your imagination. The cute boy saying hello, a warm word at a funeral, the privilege of saying good-bye. A child’s hand in your own, baby giggles, smiles from strangers you’ll never see again. Grace comes via pain, love, lust, minor triumphs, major setbacks. It comes in the dusk, the dawn, the dark hours when you least expect.

I am told — but also think and believe — prayer isn’t asking for what I think I want but to be changed in ways I cannot even imagine. Another trope dependent on god if you want it to be, but not necessary. Opening myself up to unimagined transformation, gathering moments of grace along the way. Anyone can do it. Even you. Yes, you.