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I suppose it is technically Christmas Day, as evidenced by contacts’ Twittering and FourSquare check-ins at midnight masses across the country. But I’ve not gone to sleep yet, obviously, so it’s still Christmas Eve in my mind.

I don’t buy into the idea of Christmas as a true religious holiday, seeing as how it – and the holiday tree – were appropriated by the church to make Catholicism more palatable to pagans celebrating the Winter Solstice. But the principles underlying the holiday, as it were, include charity, gratitude, peacefulness, and the recognition of grace, and I’m on board with all of those things.

St. Francis said, among other things, that it was better to give than receive. True generosity depends more upon it benefiting the soul and spirit of the donor than that of the recipient; we do not give to enrich someone else’s soul, but our own.

On this holiday eve, I pray the St. Francis prayer, and I also wish upon everyone – even those whom I find distasteful or offensive – all the blessings I wish for myself. Happy holidays, and much love to everyone.

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  1. "even those whom I find distasteful or offensive"Ah, my first Xmas LOL. 😉 Happy holidays to you and yours, and best wishes for a productive and happy and blessed 2011–Goddess knows you deserve it.


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