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December 22 – Travel. How did you travel in 2010? How and/or where would you like to travel next year?

In 2010, I largely traveled with other people. While I sometimes flew alone, my destinations included socializing more than ever before: 

  • January: NYC to be on television — surrounded by people the entire time I was filming/preparing, and then off to Queens to eat Indian food with The Dominican (who taught me some Latin dance moves). 
  • February: Rockford for a conference with some young people. Not that Rockford is Important Traveling, but it was the first yp conference I’d been to, which makes it a little different for me.
  • March: again to NYC — Atlantic City with David, poker games in Harlem, dinners in Brooklyn. Good stuff, as always.
  • June: Madison with the boys for a week. First time I’d been there since we went when B was a year old, and a completely different experience than the hostel we’d stayed in before. We discovered Giant Microbes and realized fireworks aren’t worth getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. 
  • July: Milwaukee for the weekend with B, including going to the science museum and wandering around downtown amidst a gaggle of drunken bachelor- and bachelorette-party idiots. Not-so-fun stuff. 
  • August/September: Travel central! Philadelphia and Boston with W; NYC for a conference; Fire Island for a week, until just past Labor Day. 
  • November: Wisconsin with J. for Thanksgiving. Not unusual, Wisconsin is, but I’d never gone home with someone before for a holiday. I had an excellent time.

In 2011, I’d like to finally head to Europe. I’d also like to continue my August/September tradition of spending a couple of weeks in NYC; it would also be nice to get a house on Fire Island for the summer or a month and take the boys, though that’s somewhat of a fantasy. I know I’ll at least go myself, though. And, oh, I’ll be returning to Texas for my 20th high school reunion and to spend time with my father as he turns 60 years old. The most important thing, though, is returning to NYC as soon as possible, I hope in February. I was supposed to go in October or November and I just couldn’t make it happen… so I’ve got to make it very, very soon, lest I wither and die from withdrawal. πŸ™‚