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B and I were at the Harold Washington Library yesterday for the annual Book-A-Mania! and while we were waiting for a performance to begin, he asked me what the difference was between the main library, our library (which is a “regional” one), and branch libraries. After a brief explanation on my part, B said,

Oh, so using rap/hip-hop as an analogy, the main library is the rap star; the regional libraries are the posse; and the branch libraries are the fans. 

Later, we watched School of Rock together; afterward B practiced “stage diving” from the couch onto my arms. Ah, my children. If he is this way at eight years old, I am thrilled and excited to think of what he will be like when he is a fully grown man. Every day with each of my children is something different — sometimes enjoyable and sometimes (especially with W, who is definitely a teenager now) challenging beyond my imagination.

This is the good life. I could have more money and emotional security and a boyfriend and a nice car and a thousand other things, but my life today, as is, is plenty. Not “good enough,” but “perfect,” warts and all.