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We finally arrived in Philadelphia around 5pm EST today, after 23 hours of traveling (22 of which were spent on trains). And even though our host here in Philly picked us up 8 blocks from the train station, we’ve done A LOT of walking today. We’re staying in South Philly, which for those of you who haven’t been: it’s ethnic, it’s working-class, and it’s far from gentrified, but it’s still safe. I like it — I prefer staying in areas that haven’t been homogenized (yet?), and this is nice. We ate at a fine Italian restaurant in Philly’s version of a Little Italy strip of restaurants, delis, and bakeries, then walked to Rite-Aid for ibuprofen, water, and candy bars. And now… I’m about to be in bed by 9pm CST (though it’s 10pm here). The train ride exhausted me, and it was difficult — if not impossible — to sleep with a screaming toddler in the seat in front of me + all sorts of weird Amtrak squeaking noises. But we’re here, and tomorrow we’ll be seeing historic sights + going to see The Girl Who Played with Fire in the evening… and it’s good to be on a trip with my first-born son. Even if I do feel as though I’ve been run over by a fleet of semi trucks.