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I’m rolling through Toledo now, a few hours into the trip W and I are taking via Amtrak to Philadelphia. We’ll spend three nights there, then head to Boston for three nights, then take another train back to Chicago. So far, it’s fun, but also I wish I’d had enough money to spring for a sleeper car, as there’s a toddler in front of us who won’t stop crying every hour or so. But we did meet some nice people from Jersey in the observation car after W asked them about a game they were playing. I chatted with the wife and the daughter, who’s three and absolutely adorable, while W played with the husband and son, who’s eight years old. There have been times listening to this girl’s crying when I wonder if we shouldn’t have just taken a plane. But the social camaraderie we’ve found in the first few hours of a 22-hour trip just about make up for it. And seeing my once-shy son making new friends easily? Well, that’s worth the bother, too. I hope I feel the same way in the morning if I don’t get much sleep because of the toddler. G’night.