old (2009)

small things

  • I was working at my neighborhood coffee shop, when a newcomer from the program popped in. He said he saw me sitting inside and wanted to tell me something. Apparently, he’s been told he should give three random compliments a day, and so he came in to tell me he thinks I’m brilliant.
  • I was able to find etsy.com gifts for the people who hosted me during my time in NYC. I’m blessed that I was able to stay there for two weeks and only had to pay for housing three of my nights there — a grand total of $99 at the Brooklyn Loft Hostel.
  • One of the people who stayed in my apartment while I was in NYC — I rented out my place via airbnb.com — has contacted me to see if he can stay there in November. I don’t know if the timing will work out, but I’d been thinking about taking the boys away somewhere for the weekend around then, so maybe it will.
  • I touched Jeff Tweedy over the weekend. Actually, he spoke to me. More like he said, “Excuse me” when I was blocking his (and his family’s) way, but still. To me — and you can disagree, because this is my opinion, after all — he’s one of the greatest musical genuises (genii?) this city has ever spawned. And yes, I know he’s not originally from Chicago, but who’s going to split hairs here? Not me.
  • I could be wrong, but I don’t know if I can put off getting my wisdom teeth out much longer. Something — something extremely painful! — is going on in my mouth, and I’m barely able to eat. I’m looking around for free/cheap dental clinics in the area, hoping that this isn’t going to cost me my firstborn. Because I happen to really love him.
  • I think I’ve found a buyer for my beaten-up minivan. Although I know I need to sell it (or go really hungry for the next few weeks), the idea makes me a bit sad. I’m not good with change — either sudden or planned — but it really will be for the best.