Jack, miscellany

catching up, bullet-style

  • Blogging’s been harder now that I’m not working and I don’t feel compelled to turn on my computer. It’s easier to check my email with my phone and blow off any real correspondence until I can’t put it off any longer. However, I am trying to launch a new website (I’ve already got the doman and hosting stuff down, as well as the content, and need to just go ahead and design the damn thing already), with a tentative “live” date of May 1, so I better get hustling. And so I might be blogging more, but who knows?
  • Today was Day #5 of my 30-Day Shred, and it was a breeze compared to Day #1. The first couple of days were horrid… I was in pain walking up and down my stairs, and all I really wanted to do was lie in bed and moan. JS gave me a massage Saturday morning, which helped tremendously, and yesterday’s workout was a breeze. I might move up to Level Two a couple of days early if Level One continues to be this easy for me…
  • JS and I went to Berger Park today to scope out space for my graduation party. It was exactly what I wanted — a 103-year-old mansion with hand-tiled floors, beautiful woodwork, and stained glass windows. We’ll be renting the dining room and sun room (which overlooks Lake Michigan) for four hours. Later this week, we’ll be sampling foods from different caterers and settle on the one who’s able to make the best vegan cupcakes. This is a challenge, one I am thoroughly prepared to face.
  • Speaking of JS, things continue to move forward and upward. I never thought I’d feel as though I were inside of a fairy tale, but I do now. We’re going to NYC together in June. We might also be getting married while we are there. More on that later.