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at a crossroads

I’ve been dyeing my hair for a long time — for a couple of decades, actually — and definitely since after my 2005 brain surgery. I was dyeing it blue again as soon as it was long enough to do so… and then it was a host of other colors after that. Since mid-summer of last year, I’ve been in the more “normal” realm of colors, and the last time I dyed my hair I changed it to a color that’s quite close to my natural one (dark brown). Now, though, I have a couple inches of roots and one thing is obvious: I have a LOT of grey hair. And so I’m pondering my options: permanent color that’s my natural color? temporary color that will blend away the greys but then wash out gradually? highlights that disguise the grey? funky streaks of color that overpower the grey? just letting it grow out and coming into my own as a thirtysomething woman? Comments and advice, please. [I should note that my inclination is to do nothing…]


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