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oddly enough…

…I’m fairly happy about the state of my life right now. I’ll be able to claim unemployment benefits, which will keep me afloat, and while I’m job-searching I can get my house in order and finish writing my book — which has been “in progress” for, oh, about four years now.

Also: I feel as though anything is possible in my life. Having wrung myself free from the icky boyfriend, and now being without an official job, I can go anywhere and do almost anything — as long as I don’t neglect the boys. I applied for my passport today, and I’m looking into short-term ESL teaching jobs in Thailand (2-4 week sessions) as well as working with international rescue missions that are similarly short-termed.

I feel more free today than I ever have, I think, in my entire life. The whole world is in front of me, and the possibilities are endless. First, though, I’m going to spend the next few days just relaxing. I think I deserve it. Namaste.


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