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final decision

As some of you know, I’ve been helping J. out after his surgery. Well, kind of — I *was* helping him out until this past weekend, when his “withdrawals” and such launched me into Crazy Mode and I made a choice on Tuesday to only help him if he specifically asked me for help; I was done checking in with him just for my own peace of mind. Of course, I didn’t hear from him until this morning, at which point he asked if we could talk (again). I said it was the last time, and after what he said? I’m cutting ALL ties with the man, even if I have the urge to do otherwise. At this point, it’s self-preservation.

Because it turns out he’s lied to me about just about everything since Day One. And that’s just not cool, to say the least. And while he WANTS to be friends with me, I can’t see how I could even continue a friendship with someone who not only has hurt me more than I ever thought possible but also has been completely dishonest about anything that ever mattered.


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