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happy things

  • On Valentine’s Day jj texted me, wishing me a happy day. This was the only Valentine’s Day message of any sort I received from anyone, but somehow it was enough.
  • Sunday I drove down to Momence, IL (just east of Kankakee) to pick up my new-to-me minivan, which I bought for the impound fees from the family of a guy in the program — his sister OD’d and left the car behind, and they wanted to sell it to someone who really needed it. It needs a bit of work and some cleaning, but for $350 I am immensely grateful to be mobile once again.
  • In J. news: to quote Carrie Bradshaw, “We are so over, we need another word for over.” He is, I do believe, incapable of getting well or sober at this point, and all I can do is walk away quietly with my self-worth fully intact.
  • I’m working a freelance job in — ahem — Naperville tomorrow and Wednesday. This should be interesting, as I’ve previously announced my allergy to Naperville. We’ll see if that’s changed since the last time I was there… in, oh, 2005? The up side: a few extra bucks in my pocket…