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hmm… interesting

J. called me today to tell me he’s going through horrible withdrawals, suspecting that whatever pain meds the doctors have given him aren’t enough. I called Uncle Eddie to see what I can do to ease J.’s discomfort (answer: nothing), and he said, “Are you sure this isn’t an act to get you to feel sorry for him and come back?” I brushed it aside, thinking that surely it wasn’t the case. But then I was chatting with H. — J.’s best friend — and heard pretty much the very same suspicion/observation. If true, it’s definitely a new low in my life — an ex-boyfriend faking opiate withdrawals to get me to come back. On Valentine’s Day. Sigh.


In happier news (well, bittersweet news, anyhow): a friend in the program lost his sister to an overdose about ten days ago (the bad part), and she left behind a car (well, minivan) in the impound lot. At a meeting on Friday, he said that anyone who could come up with the fees to get the car out ($350) could have it. (“Me! Me! Me!” was my basic reaction.) So he’s driving me down to Kankakee tomorrow, and I’ll have a cheaply acquired vehicle that, I am sure, will last me at least the next few months, until my finances are a bit straightened out. Yay!