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top 10 things about being single (again)

  1. I can see whatever indie films I want without worrying whether I’m being judged as a freak, too-free-spirited, or too morose for enjoying movies such as Synecdoche, New York
  2. When I attend shows at tiny hole-in-the-wall music venues, I will not be self-conscious that the guy holding my hand (a) looks old enough to be my father and (b) is going to complain that the music was (i) too loud, (ii) too weird, or (iii) too much not-like Jethro Tull. 
  3. Flirting openly and thoroughly (without guilt).
  4. Wearing fabulous outfits and outrageous makeup just because they make me feel beautiful.
  5. No one asks “how much did you spend?” or “don’t you have enough shoes already?” when I bring home one (or three, or five) new pairs of stilettos. 
  6. I don’t have to answer the phone for anyone unless I really want to speak with that person. 
  7. Watching all six seasons of Sex and the City in their entirety feels like self-education rather than lusting after a life I can no longer lead. 
  8. No more downplaying my liberal politics in order to keep the peace with a super-conservative boyfriend. 
  9. When I travel, I can relax and enjoy myself without having to check in with someone twice a day so they know I’m “okay.” I’m on vacation; of course I’m okay!
  10. No more explaining phenomena such as Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr to someone whose high-school computer classes included punched cards.