old (2009)

getting old

I went back to my super-cute podiatrist today to figure out why I’m still in so much pain eight months after surgery. Turns out I have a remarkably excessive amount of scar tissue in my right toe (and a not-insignificant amount in my left one), which will only be remedied by cortisone injections every 10-12 days for at least six to eight visits. (If it works well for the right foot, we’ll do it on the left foot as well.)

But before that… I slipped on some ice yesterday and fell on my back, ending up in the ER at Swedish Covenant last night. Nothing’s broken, J. and I got to watch a couple of episodes of The Office while waiting for my Tylenol-3 prescription, and they’re thinking of naming a wing of the hospital after us (we’ve been there thrice in six weeks or so).

So, then: I’m spending my Wednesday in a considerable amount of pain, tempered by the fact that I have Tylenol-3, Vicodin, and muscle relaxers at my disposal. These are the days when I’m super grateful I am not (and never was) a drug abuser, because then I’d have to grin and bear it. And I’m not good at grinning and bearing.