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blog round-up, 2008

The purpose of which is to list the first sentence of the first blog post of each month of 2008. So, then, here goes.

January (“all is quiet on new year’s day“):
Apologies to U2… but it’s all I’ve got.

February (“five hundred…”):
This is the 500th post on my blog, which is kind of weird to contemplate.

March (“weather forecast“):
Partly fatigued.

April (“at least the sexy voice is something“):
I do not have a cold or the flu or strep throat or bronchitis or pneumonia but, rather, garden-variety laryngitis, which pretty much sucks.

May (“yay for green-eyed boys“):
The Green-Eyed Boy called me up this morning and asked if I wanted to see the Cubs this afternoon, so of course I said, “Hell, yeah!”

June (“what a difference“):
After waking up this morning with back spasms, I could barely get out of the shower and by the time I hobbled my way to the car to meet The Green-Eyed Boy at the 11am meeting, I could barely walk.

July (“this is my alley“):
When I walk past my alley, I see a small pile of cigarette butts on the ground far beneath my apartment, and I know they are from when he sits on my third-floor ledge with the window screen up, smoking.

August (“live from the kidz stage at lollapalooza“):
Seeing Jeff Tweedy perform Wilco songs on the Kidz Stage — including What Light, Hummingbird, and I’m the Man Who Loves You — has made me realize that, as much as I adore Rage Against the Machine, I’m going to see Wilco tomorrow night.

September (“careful what you wish for“):
This morning The Philosopher and I headed down to a psychiatrist’s office in Ravenswood to get the results from nearly six hours of neuropsychological tests said psychiatrist performed on Renegade while I was in NYC.

October (“conversation“):
“Are you trying to make it difficult for me to go home?” he asked.

November (“busy weekend“):
Friday: Picked up The Cute Carpenter’s car (which I borrowed for the day), drove to Hyde Park, found dominatrix garb at MM’s house, almost brought home a stray kitty, headed to Boystown for the finishing touches on my costume, dropped off Renegade & his friends at the Davis so they could see High School Musical 3, took a short nap, went to J.’s house, dressed and got myself all corseted up, headed out on the town as a dominatrix with slave (J.) in tow, went to the sober Halloween party, ate dinner at Garcia’s, went back to J.’s house, got undressed and uncorseted, went to bed, slept well.

December (“feeling flu-ish“):
Today, I went outside for the first time since Monday — I’ve been mostly languishing in bed and on the couch and at all points in between with body aches, fever-n-chills, a sore throat, stuffiness, sneeziness, and general malaise.