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happy holidays

Even though my family invited me (at, ahem, the last minute) to Christmas Day festivities in the suburbs, I decided I’d rather keep my previous plans — which were to go to the open meeting at the house and then off to a club in Evanston where they have Christmas dinner for sober folks with H. (If I can’t spend Christmas with my boyfriend, I might as well spend it with his best friend, right?) Rebel came with for it all, and H. gave me a gift accompanied by a hand-written letter:

Dearest A.,

Only on rare occasions in my life has a friend of a friend become my friend. I consider this as the beginning of one of those rare friendships. I hope to be present wherever your life happens to take you. To be a witness and a participant to your greatness will be such a gift. By the grace of my God, I so look forward to it. May she bless you in ways you never imagined. Let the spirit of your greatness overtake you and propel you forward. Be ready for all the universe has to offer.

Happy Holidays,
Love you,

What an amazing gift — and this from someone who, when I first got sober, I looked at as someone who had his life put together in ways I couldn’t even comprehend, much less imagine for myself. I’m lucky — and grateful — to have people such as H. in my life today — it’s a far cry from last year at this time, where I spent the the morning and evening in a fairly miserable fashion (and found it difficult to stay sober, though I managed).

J. gets back into town tomorrow night, and it’s going to be a welcome homecoming. It will be nice to have someone to keep me warm, once again, with all this nasty weather we’re having. Namaste.