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random bullets

  • I’m 99.8% certain I’m done having children, but that 0.02% wiggle room is completely screwing with my ability to make a decision to schedule an appointment for Essure.
  • Though the weather sucks, I still heart Tom Skilling. It’s not his fault Chicago has turned into Cocytus in the ninth circle of hell.
  • Dunno if it’s ’cause I saw Sailor Girl’s engagement ring last night or I’m just missing J. like a sonofabitch, but I had a dream last night about getting married.
  • The needlepoint I’m doing for J. for Christmas? Should end up looking like this, without the mat, in a sleeker yet more substantial frame. If I keep on schedule, it will be done by bedtime tomorrow night.
  • I’m seriously considering hypnosis to cure my obsession with chocolate. Last night at dinner with Uncle Eddie, I scarfed down a slice of chocolate cake and wasn’t kidding in the least when I said, “I would eat this whole cake if it were free…”

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