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forecast: pissy

I was having a pretty-good day, but it took a turn for the worse when FOUR available cabs passed me up in Andersonville for God-only-knows-what-reasons, and I ended up walking a half-mile in four-below wind chills before a cabbie finally picked me up and took me to J.’s house, where I’ve been taking care of his two high-maintenance cats since he’s been gone. And of course this cold weather, combined with a sneeze I can’t seem to shake + interminable body aches (with no boyfriend in town, life’s been light on the massages), makes me grouchy (to say the least). NOT a good place to be when J. will be calling in a while for our nightly chat. Speaking of which, my new phone allows me to automatically send text messages to people when ignoring their calls. I should set one up for tonight that says, “I am denying your call because I have been temporarily (I hope!) transformed into The Atomic Fireball Bitch. Please try your call again later.”