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life’s a ride

The past three days have been exhausting. Thursday involved being away from home for 15 hours and yesterday wasn’t much better. I went with Uncle Eddie to day surgery, where he had almost all of the skin on the left side of his face below his eye removed due to aggressive basal cell carcinoma. (I even watched one of the stages of the surgery, until I had to excuse myself to go and faint in the washroom.) Being a friend in such trying times feels good – he couldn’t have gotten through the day as easily without me – but it also causes a deep sense of emotional exhaustion to set in. That, coupled with public transportation snafus galore in trying to get Renegade to Olgivie on time last night (a task at which I failed gloriously) and being almost-late to the meeting I chair on Friday nights (sans snacks, too, which are part of my commitment) left me telling J. on the phone last night that I didn’t know whether I wanted to cry or scream (and I kinda wanted to do both).

As for today, I’m at Chuck E. Cheese with Rebel right now, being in Skokie to get one of J.’s Christmas presents and the materials to frame the Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass needlepoint I’m making for him (which I’ll be finishing over the days until he returns). The long and the short of it, I guess, is that life gets lifey and then it moves forward. I can either fight it or take a deep breath and move along. I choose the latter – as long as it comes with the option of taking naps and frequent hot bubble baths. Namaste.


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