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life: still good

I dropped J. off at Midway about an hour ago, and it was weird driving back into the city in his van, alone. But it was beautiful, too, seeing the sun rise as I was heading northbound on Lake Shore Drive, which was already No. 1 on my Top Ten Drives in Chicago(land) list.

In other news, J. and I went ring shopping (for ourselves, not THAT sort of ring shopping — believe me, you’d know about it long before it got to that point) at a store that’s closing on Lincoln and Lawrence, and I have been saying for a long, long time that I want a ring to wear on my “wedding” finger as sort of a marriage to myself until the time comes (IF it comes) when I voluntarily and sanely choose to alter my marital status for a third time. And I found it — boy, did I ever. It’s a stunning piece of jewelry — originally more than a thousand dollars and marked down to a bit less than a third of that price.

And, oh! J. gave me one of my Christmas presents last night (we’re officially exchanging when he returns, the day after Christmas): an extremely generous gift certificate to Dressing Room Shoes. When I opened it, he said, “It all came together when we went into the store together and I your face glowed when you were looking at the shoes.” Apparently he not only understands my love and affection for footwear, but he endorses it as well. Honestly, this is the first time since The Electrician bought me a 1968 Firebird convertible for my 25th birthday that I’ve actually been excited about a gift I’ve received from a significant other.