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an ego boost

After leaving the house wearing a quite-provocative outfit (so much so that I wondered if I should even be wearing it to our weekly Friday night meeting… although it wasn’t revealing, just sexy), I arrived at the house, where I received a number of compliments (both verbal and ogle-wise).

When J. walked in — with his best friend, H. — he said, “Given all the men here who already think you’re sexy as sexy can be, are you trying to torture people?”

After smiling, I took the opportunity to remind him that he is a very lucky man.

Wait ’til he sees the dress I’m wearing to dinner at the Russian Tea Room and to see A Christmas Carol at The Goodman tomorrow night… this whole “coming into my own as a self-confident adult woman who knows she’s got it going on” is much more fabulous than I’d ever imagined, expected, or hoped. Life is good. Namaste.