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the day in brief

It’s been a weird day, mostly because I went to the doctor yesterday for my back and neck pain, and he prescribed a new pain medication until we get the results of the MRI, and that new medication makes me sleepy. And it’s a weird kind of sleepy, more similar to the dry-mouthed sort of feeling you get when you’re coming down with the flu than the sort that happens when you’ve taken too much Vicodin. But still: not pleasant.

Also not pleasant (and that’s putting it mildly): Uncle Eddie went to the doctor this afternoon and was told that the doctor is worried that it’s progressed too far already. Still, he starts chemo on Friday. This, combined with my looking up liver cancer mortality rates online yesterday, is bad for my mental health. Really bad.

And the (only) positive news of the day: J. went to the hardware store to have keys made for me for his house. My reaction? Well, it’s the first time that anyone has ever given me keys to his place, so I suppose it will take a bit of time before it sinks in. Still, it’s a positive feeling. Which, in itself, is weird, as normally at this phase in a relationship I’d be desperately looking for an escape hatch and feeling quite claustrophic. Ain’t sober life grand?