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short weekend update

I’m too tired and in too much pain to write terribly much about the weekend, other than it was fabulous — yet another one in the string of weekends J. and I have been able to put together. Galena was absolutely wonderful, exactly what we needed after a quite-hectic week. It was the first time J. had stayed in a B&B, the owners of the house were sober (!), and we found some great pieces for our homes, including a cranberry glass vase (for me) and a glass-iron piece that serves as a smashing centerpiece for J.’s dining room table.

In less happy news: J.’s back has reached the point where he’ll probably need to have surgery again, very soon. And Uncle Eddie — to whom I’ve grown extremely close over the past few months, to the point where he’s practically my surrogate father — not only has skin cancer but liver cancer as well. So it looks as though I’ll be playing nursemaid to both of these men, quite possible moving in with J. for the first few weeks or months after his surgery, until he’s out of his full-body brace. It’s funny how life turns out the way it does, especially since it’s rarely how you’d ever have imagined things for yourself. I suppose all I can really do is enjoy the ride, both the ups and downs. Namaste.


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