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busy weekend

Picked up The Cute Carpenter’s car (which I borrowed for the day), drove to Hyde Park, found dominatrix garb at MM’s house, almost brought home a stray kitty, headed to Boystown for the finishing touches on my costume, dropped off Renegade & his friends at the Davis so they could see High School Musical 3, took a short nap, went to J.’s house, dressed and got myself all corseted up, headed out on the town as a dominatrix with slave (J.) in tow, went to the sober Halloween party, ate dinner at Garcia’s, went back to J.’s house, got undressed and uncorseted, went to bed, slept well.

Slept late (almost 10am), went home and showered, went back to J.’s house, picked up the boys, went shopping at CostCo, came home, took a nap, brought the boys home, walked to J.’s house, went to dinner at D’Agostino’s in Glenview, went to the 8pm meeting in Wilmette, heard J. give a lead, stopped by my place for my clothes & toiletries, went back to J.’s house (this is a pattern?), watched most of Some Like it Hot, went to bed, slept well.

Woke early (7am), went to Des Plaines for a meeting to see J. get his one-year coin, ate breakfast with J.’s friends, went grocery shopping for fruits and veggies, went home to change and grab my bike, rode to J.’s house, took a nap, hopped on our bikes and rode the North Shore trail to the Ladd Arboretum and back (stopping to swing, slide, and otherwise wreak havoc at a playground in Evanston), went back to J.’s house, finished watching Some Like it Hot, took another nap, rode back to my house, was picked up by J., drove to Evanston for J.’s anniversary dinner at Flat Top Grill, walked around downtown Evanston for half an hour or so, J. dropped me off at home, turned on my computer for the first time since Friday.

And, oh… J. gave me a ring this morning. More on that later. And, no, we’re not engaged. It wasn’t that kind of ring.


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