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thursday plans

Wake up at 8am (with any luck, on time, given that it’s 2am and I’m still up). Shower, shave, make myself look pretty, head downtown for a job interview (for freelance work).

Then: head to Lakeview to pick up The Cute Electrician’s car, which I am borrowing to go to therapy because I have to get back to Lincoln Square ASAP after said therapy session, since I am hanging out at J.’s house for the afternoon to let in the AT&T guy, who is set to arrive between 2pm and 6pm. Except that I have therapy in Evanston until 2pm. Hence, the car-borrowing, plus lots of finger-crossing that AT&T will be dysfunctional and NOT actually show up on time.

And I was supposed to to take Renegade and his friends to Chicagoween tomorrow afternoon, but I really really really want to see Marti Kheel at Women & Children First, and so the classic conflict returns: satisfy my selfish desires or give my kid what he wants? (Then again, I can always take him to Chicagoween on Friday, right before I slip into my dominatrix outfit and make J. my slave for the evening…)