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a new kind of saturday

Things I’ve never before done before today:

  • Climb a tree;
  • Participate in a crabapple fight;
  • Go across monkey bars without stopping; and
  • Swing on a swing for a full 20 minutes.

J. and I had gone up to Welles Park to join the fitness center, where we saw Sober Joe & checked out the exercise equipment. He was going to sunbathe for a while, so I went to grab the boys and came back to the park, where I hung out on the playground for a while (a little girl, when I was on the monkey bars, asked “Are you a mom?” and when I said yes, she said, “Holy crap, I wish my mom was cool like you,” and my heart was definitely warmed), and then went to sit with J. — of course the boys soon followed suit, a crabapple war ensued, trees were climbed, and generally we just had fun. Mmm. Life is good. Namaste.