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thursday randomness

I spent $23.50 on mascara because (a) I needed a Sephora fix and (2) the tiny sample tube of it I received from The Polish Goddess — she works at the makeup counter at Neimann Marcus — is just about done for. And I swear: this mascara would be worth $50. Not that I would actually pay it. I’m just sayin’.


Sailor Moon called today to ask if I wanted a job teaching 3rd and 4th graders on Saturday mornings for the next eight weeks. Of course I said yes, but now I’m in the position of having to write a syllabus and develop at least this week’s lesson plan within the next 36 hours. I’m sure I’ll do fine, and I’ll have fun… I hope.


Uncle Eddie was startled today when I was talking with him on the phone as I walked into my entryway and completely freaked out — in a good way — that the physical degree for my second MA was sitting there waiting for me. Yes, it took me 13 years to get my BA, but the three years it took to get that MA was even more grueling and it means infinitely more… it’s so pretty I carried it with me to the meeting tonight and showed it off.


Because I adore sending people cards, I sent one to J. earlier in the week and I’d completely forgotten about it until the break at the meeting today, and he said, “I’ve always been averse to emails and much prefer written communication, like letters and such…” and I had such a confused look on my face, wondering why the heck he was telling me about his preferred method of communication, so he said, “uh… the card you sent?” and I remembered and it was quite funny. I am glad I continue to leave a good impression, though…


This whole “waiting” game with J. is starting to wear on me. Yes, I am quite skilled with my vibrator (more so than any man has ever been with my private parts, I might add, and thank God!) and I’m perfectly fine not having sex with him (yet) — I do agree that it does change everything, and I’m not ready for that, entirely — but this whole “lingering at first base” for, like, ever isn’t exactly something I’ve ever done. Romantic conversations in courtyards and being walked home and receiving of yummy phone calls during the day and being told I’d look fantastic even if I were wearing a potato sack? Wonderful, fabulous, delicious, and everything a girl could hope for. But I do believe I’m ready for, oh, second base? Maybe after dinner tomorrow…


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