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101/1001 progress report

Since my last progress report, I’ve completed:

#62 (officially earn my MA in TESOL), which doesn’t mean I’ve walked across any stages lately, but just that I received a letter in the mail from the dean congratulating me on completing all of the requirements for my degree. Highlight: finishing a degree I began two weeks after finding out I had a brain tumor and the first semester of which I completed after having brain surgery two weeks in (and being told I could only take two weeks off or lose my funding — and insurance). This feels like a real accomplishment.

#70 (celebrate one year of sobriety), on September 26. Highlight: feeling like a princess the whole day.

#72 (get rid of my expensive “new” car), on 9/17. Highlight: already losing four pounds from walking everywhere. Also, getting comfortable riding my bike.

I’ve begun:

#42 (visit the spa at least once a month), on 9/18 because I was starting to get a cold (or maybe allergies?) and needed an herbal wrap. Highlight: falling asleep on a Japanese cot in the relaxation room, and sleeping for the better part of three hours in such a peaceful and healing environment.

I also purchased Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World yesterday while browsing at Borders with H. before going to see Kafka on the Shore at The Steppenwolf, which is Step No. 1 in completing #95 (bake every cupcake in that cookbook).