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the irony of life?

J. came over after the meeting tonight and said, “There’s something I need to tell you about me before things go any further, because I really like you a lot,” and of course I was all freaked out that he was going to tell me he’s secretly a rapist or serial killer or something, so when he said, “I’m conservative, really conservative, as in I believe in free markets and individualism,” all I could do was laugh, laugh, and laugh some more. We had a nice long conversation about my past — including my time working for libertarian think-tanks and how The Philosopher and I met through our involvement in Objectivism (think Ayn Rand) — and how it didn’t really matter all that much to me because (a) I’m an adult and think that politics — like religion — is largely a matter of deeply held personal beliefs and (b) I understand where he’s coming from because (i) I’ve been there and (ii) haven’t completely stopped being there (I come across to most people like a raging liberal, and I am on many issues, but I’m also a complex person who isn’t easily boxed into one category or the other). Turns out, though, that many women he’s dated in the past have been completely turned off but such revelations and my NOT being appalled took things, uh, to a different level between us this evening. Let’s just say that I think the doubts are few and the certainty is high, and I’m looking forward to celebrating my one-year sobriety anniversary with him tomorrow night. Namaste.


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