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The Tan Man and I went out to dinner (coconut curry & pad thai), after which we sat down to talk about what, exactly, is happening.

“You’re the exact opposite of the picture I had of who I’d belong with,” he said. “But I can’t stop thinking about you — it’s constant, all day long.” And I admitted it’s the same for me, and that was quite nice, to be similarly surprised and smitten.

We’ve agreed to continue to take things easy, and slow, and not rush into anything haphazardly, even though we concur that it would feel spectacular to do so.

And then he gave me a rather nice (albeit appropriately brief) back rub. If he’d continued for another 30 seconds, I think we’d both be in trouble right now rather than me about to call it a night, him back at home enjoying a slice of my blueberry pie with vegan ice cream I sent his way.

I’m making him dinner tomorrow night, and he’s making dinner for me on Friday. Saturday, we’re going to the beach in the morning and, in the evening, to the All Chicago Open (with the boys). Sunday, we’re going kayaking and then making dinner together. It’s very simple. Finally. Life goes on, and in a rather pleasant and exciting fashion. Namaste.


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