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the cruise…

…was, uh, interesting. Pops showed up with The Jesus Freak (who asks all men to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior before agreeing to go out with them) as his date; The Old-Timer’s girlfriend was revealed to be The Meek Mom (a TOTAL surprise); Uncle Eddie brought The Crazy Chick as his date (what?!?!); and The Seaman and The Sassy Blonde — at various points throughout the evening — had their legs wrapped around each other, were hugging and nuzzling, and generally seemed to be more than just friends. Meanwhile, I made very little progress with The Tan Man, other than we have tentative plans to — eventually, at some indeterminate time — visit the Graceland Cemetery (yes, I know, how romantic…) and take in the Burnham exhibit at the Art Institute. And, of course, kayaking tomorrow. If it doesn’t rain. Which means it totally will. Sigh.


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