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101/1001 progress report

Since last week’s progress report, I’ve completed:

#36 (learn how to kayak), on Lake Michigan, from The Tan Man. Highlight: getting back to the van and discovering my change purse (contents: money for the week, my driver’s license, my debit card, and my BlackBerry) had been stolen.

#75 (ride my bike along the lakefront path), from Wilson to Foster, which I know isn’t a lot, but it does count. Highlight: the fact that I rode my bike for the first time since I purchased it in, oh, May 2006.

There are a few things I’m slacking on in terms of the “once a month” stuff — send out one essay per month (#16); read one classic novel per month (#17); and visit the spa at least once a month (#42) — but I’ve decided that those things can be a average… so I’ll have to double up this month. I’m sure it will be very difficult to go to the spa twice in September. Namaste.


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