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a little good, a lot bad

Until around 4pm, I was having a fabulous day. I went to a meeting on the beach, the weather was spectacular, and The Tan Man took me on a kayak trip on Lake Michigan. We stopped along the dog beach in Belmont Harbor to rest and sunbathe, and it was all absolutely perfect. That is, until he went to get his van and brought it around to Montrose Harbor, where I was waiting with the kayaks, and I looked into his van to get my little change purse out of his glove box. And it was gone. As in nowhere to be found. As in stolen. In said change purse was $100 (all the money I have to last me the next week), my drivers license, my debit card, and my BlackBerry.

We called the cops to file a report, called my bank to cancel my debit card, and then stopped by my apartment, where I had an old cell phone sitting in my kitchen’s junk drawer. And then we went to the Sprint store to activate it, and I at least got the good news that as of Nov 1st I can upgrade for almost nothing to a much better phone. But still. I’d rather have my license, debit card, and phone.


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