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101/1001 progress report

I’ve completed:

#6 (learn how to meditate), at the Bloom Yoga Studio. Highlight: falling asleep after the instructor specifically warned “now, don’t fall asleep if you choose to lie down instead of sitting up!” and waking up to the class snickering at me.

#32 (get a snake tattoo on my lower back), at the Metromix Music Lounge Lollapalooza afterparty. Highlight: not being able to move while random men tried to pick me up, the most memorable of whom was a 4’9″ tall guy who, at 3am, texted me, “it was so nice holding your hand and rubbing your neck.” Oh, that, and talking with Thom Yorke for about 14 seconds.

#99 (find & buy a bedroom set), via Craigslist. Highlight: watching the truck while the guys went to get the second load of furniture and having two gangsta types try to chat me up (we were about 200 yards north of Cabrini Green).

#101 (take the boys to LEGOland in Schaumburg), which was anticlimactic. Highlight: bailing and having more fun at IKEA.

I’ve begun:

#58 (get to one concert/show a month), which this month was (in addition to two other shows) Wilco at McCarren Park Pool. Highlight: seeing my favorite Chicago band in my favorite city in the world. OK, so it was Brooklyn, but that’s still NYC in my book.

#76 (attend one literary event/month), the Printers’ Ball at the MCA on August 22. Highlight: feeling as though I were in the midst of a Filene’s basement wedding dress sale, except amongst literary types rushing for Free Stuff.

#77 (see one film a month at Facets or Landmark), which was Man on Wire. Highlight: being on the edge of my seat for a documentary, which doesn’t happen much.

And, of course, more progress is forthcoming. Namaste.


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