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top 10 things about being 35

  1. I get excited when I find an encyclopedia of vegetables (with recipes!) for a dime at the thrift store, and even more so when I bring said reference materials to the farmers’ market to find ingredients. And I’m not scared of cooking them, either.
  2. I know what clothes (and brands) fit me; am aware of what works on my body and what doesn’t; and can throw an outfit together in ten minutes that is flattering and stylish.
  3. I can leave the house with minimal makeup (lipgloss, mascara, a bit of powder) without worrying someone will think I’m ugly, because I know that I’m complimented more when I’m happy and healthy and radiating from within than when I’m sad and wearing a full face of makeup.
  4. I’ve learned that I don’t have to wash my hair every day, that pigtails can be super awesome, and pulling my hair into a bun or ponytail makes me feel like Audrey Hepburn.
  5. I’ve acquired a nice little collection of cups-n-saucers, dessert plates, and glassware that I can use for dinner parties, or just when I feel like making myself a muffin and a cup of tea on a Tuesday afternoon.
  6. I’m okay with being single, and actually like it, having realized that I’m not going to give up all the pleasures of singledom — or, worse, demean myself — for just any schmuck that comes in off the street, no matter how handsome he is.
  7. I’ve reached the point where the choices I make in my physical appearance — my tattoos, my piercings, my choice of footwear — are a result of how I feel inside rather than serving as armor to keep other people out.
  8. I’m perfectly happy flying solo in the sex department, and actually can please myself much easier and more regularly than any man ever could.
  9. My home is a reflection of my personality and is filled with treasures I’ve found while traveling, in thrift stores, Freecycle, and online — and no one ever guesses.
  10. Contrary to popular sentiment, it’s easier to make friends, because I’m more open minded about who “qualifies” to be let in, and cliques seem so, well, twentysomething.