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feeling not-so-hot

Even though I didn’t particularly want to go, I’d promised the boys (and Pops) that we’d go to the Air & Water Show, and it was exactly as I expected (read: not that great). The boys were antsy and scared by the loud noises, I was hot and tired, and the whole production was one big advertisement for the U.S. military. Plus, Rebel had what seemed like an allergic reaction to something — we stopped by the first aid tent (which no one — including the police officers on duty! — seemed to know even existed) for Benadryl, but they only had it in injectable form and Rebel was NOT down with a shot. We took a cab home, Pops seemed dejected (with good reason), and after dosing Rebel with Claritin I took a nap while the boys played video games. The Sassy Blonde just left after stopping by for a few slices of pizza and an hour or so of conversation — including: “you’re just not that into him,” about Pops — and now I’m trying (quite unsuccessfully) to get motivated to wash my dishes, some of which (I’m embarrassed to say) have been sitting for the better part of a month. Meanwhile, I’ll get some work done this evening and watch either 21 or The Bank Job before settling into sleep. We’re going to Schaumburg (LEGOland Discovery Centre) tomorrow, and I’ve got to get enough rest to brave the suburbs. Lord knows I need it. Namaste.